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Started by Jeffrey Loper in 2012 Bitstreamedia is a consulting and digital development company providing unique solutions to business and personal challenges in todays rapidly evolving information environment.

In addition to a 30 + year business and government consulting practice, in the mid 90's Loper developed digital media platforms for television and radio via his company Convergence Entertainment & Communications. He built the first commercial digital TV station in addition to developing a new platform that sold television, radio, and digital advertising in the same package. This platform increased advertiser revenues between 5% and 200%.

Quote former client James Wilcox "Jeff is Innovative - he is a master of the lost art of strategy and analysis from both the perspective of the "forest" and the "trees" - he masters the problem - developing new and innovative ways to approach and resolve the problem or question".

Ever since Loper developed  a new successful marketing campaign for the original Walking Tall" movie - (Bing Crosby Productions) - Loper has consulted with numerous companies, media companies, and individuals such as American International Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, National Cine Productions of Canada, Seagram's of Canada, the Stewart family of Canada (McDonald Tobacco), Sumner Redstone (National Amusements, Viacom, CBS Paramount Pictures), James Wilcox (Citi Investing, LB Forster), Gulf Oil, Westinghouse, PPG Industries , Mrs. Elsie Hillman of Pittsburgh (Political consulting) and R K Mellon & Sons of Pittsburgh.

In addition to a broad consulting practice Loper has been an innovator on his own. He built the first commercial digital television station for the WB - developed with Mediaway of Canada both digital transmitters and receivers to send the stations video via fiber (the Internet) to both towers and cable systems - this also included a 2 to one digital compression program saving bandwidth. The station was capable of broadcasting on the Internet in 1996 well ahead of todays norm.

Quote David Grant of Big TV in 2001 -"Even the most casual onlooker must agree that the last decade brought immense change to the electronic media industry - broadcast television in particular. Those of us who traversed that decade developing new cost effective methods for configuring broadcast businesses recognize Jeff Loper as one of an elite group of independent operators who blazed trails through territory dominated by an order of ridged thinking giants.

My own 30 plus years in the industry - the last ten as an entrepreneur launching stations in New York Markets including a Fox and NBC and a current project for UPN. I have met many individuals in the course of my career who can conceptualize what may be valid business plans. What separates the dreamers from men like Jeff is the willingness and the ability to implement the plan - pulling all the nebulous variables into a workable whole, a process that takes more time than the dreamers can accommodate and more consistent effort than they are willing to invest.

Jeff has stood the test. His technical plans have reflected a savvy for the practical and budget-conscious problem solving that anticipated and appropriately incorporated the then newly emerging digital and fiber optic technologies. His instinct for the inevitability of the marriage of Entertainment and Info/Communications allowed him to position his stations to not just survive, but to actually prosper by opening affordable,effective access to the television medium to a new community of local advertisers who had been locked out in the past because of the high price tags on avails.

Beyond the obvious benefits of Jeff's innovation and expertise, Jeff has personal integrity - a rare quality that makes him an asset to any team. I consider Jeff imaginative, capable, and a confident who possesses the kind of perspective that one earns by having weathered challenges. The old-order giants may attempt to claim credit for todays streamlined broadcast plans but the truth is they learned from the early mavericks. Jeff Loper can honestly say "Been there - done that". "

In addition to the production of Motion Pictures and television commercials, Loper was a pioneer in the theater business. His company  Cinemalliance Theatres managed or acquired over 200 screens in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Loper also changed the traditional way of exhibiting motion pictures in Drive In theaters by booking 2 first run movies on the same bill. This continues today and has preserved many drive Ins that would not have survived.

Loper also has extensive experience in the world of business and finance providing him unique insight across business lines. He has dealt in in both the domestic and international finance arenas - is an Investment Banker - was a money manager (Licensed SEC Investment Advisor) in addition to numerous other licenses for Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options, Insurance, and Real Estate. Loper also mastered both technical and fundamental analysis - providing him insight into both short term as well as long term perspectives and strategy to be taken. He was often quoted on CNBC.

Loper was one of the developers of the mortgage backed securities market that needed to grow to absorb the assets of the Savings and Loan bailouts which put billions of previously unsecuritized loans into the market. This was prior to any derivative securities being created using mortgage backed securities as the underlying collateral for the derivatives issued. The ensuing market fueled the housing growth of the 90's.

Loper has also done Political and Goverment consulting in addition to Corporate consulting.

Says Jeff "We know how to get the best from specialists - specialization due to vast amounts of information now available has narrowed the perspective of may employees and consultants to the point they miss the forest is burning as they are only concentrating on a few trees."

Bitstreamedia is a broad-based consulting firm specializing in business and media strategies - designed to resolve not only current issues but to position your operation for growth and success in the future. 

For information please contact us here or you may reach Mr. Loper by phone 727-365-5853​​